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  • S. Loreto, S.P. Romano "How Far are We from WebRTC-1.0? An Update on Standards and a Look at What’s Next” IEEE Communication Magazine 2017


  • S. Loreto, S.P. Romano "Real-time communications in the web: issues, achievements and ongoing standardization efforts
    IEEE Internet Computing September-October 2012


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  • A. Dainotti, S. Loreto, A. Pescapè, G. Ventre, “A SCTP performance evaluation over Heterogeneous Networks”, Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience (Wiley) – to appear (Selected to appear in a Special Issue dedicated to best papers from IEEE AINA 2006 Workshop on Performance Analysis and Enhancement of Wireless Networks).`


  • G.De Marco, S. Loreto, L.Barolli, “Taxonomy and Analysis of IP Micro-mobility Protocols in Single and Simultaneous Movements Scenario”, to appear in International Journal of Wireless and Mobile Computing 2005(IJWMC)(ISSN: 1741-1084), InderScience, 2006.


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  • A.P. Castellani, T. Fossati, S. Loreto "HTTP-CoAP Cross Protocol Proxy: An Implementation Viewpoint", IoTech 2012Workshop, Co located with IEEE MASS 2012, Las Vegas, Nevada, US

  • Thomas Fossati, Angelo Castellani, Salvatore Loreto, "(Un)trusted Intermediaries in CoAP", IAB Workshop on Smart Object Security, 23rd March 2012, Paris

  • A. P. Castellani, S. Loreto, N. Bui, and M. Zorzi "Quickly interoperable Internet of Things using simple transparent gateways"(pdf) Interconnecting Smart Objects with the Internet IAB Workshop Prague, Friday, 25th March 2011

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  • S. Loreto “Shared library” 2000 - Italian paper;

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