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CONFIANCE (CONFerencing IMS-enabled Architecture for Next-generation Communication Experience)

is an actual implementation of a conferencing framework compliant with the IP Multimedia Core Network Subsystem (IMS) specification. The architecture has been conceived at the outset by taking into account ongoing standardization efforts inside the various active international bodies (IETF, 3GPP, OMA, etc). At its current state, it is capable to provide audio conferencing facilities with session management capabilities and floor control. The system presented is intended to serve as a running experimental test bed useful for protocol testing, as well as field trials and experimentations.

Such platform has been realized in the framework of a collaboration activity involving the University of Naples and Ericsson's Nomadic Lab in Helsinki.



With this work we want to obtain experimental results showing SCTP’s real benefits.
We will compare SCTP with already existing transport protocol and will analyze which real gains SCTP brings.
At present there aren’t SIP implementation that use SCTP as transport.

So we are modifying a SIP UA ( KPhone) and developing Proxy in order to support all transport protocol: UDP, TCP, SCTP.

SIP module for NS

We have implemented a SIP module under NS simulator.
This module at present use only UDP as transport protocol.



SCTP Multihoming as support of Load-Sharing



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Web-Based Communications

IEEE Communications Magazine

The web has shifted away from a document based paradigm to a more distributed and collaborative form of communication.Whereas once the web server was the center of interaction, in today's model, the user and the browser have replaced the web server as the nexus of communications.

...Collaboration between the IETF and W3C also proceeds on extending the web architecture to allow browsers to natively support interactive peer to peer communications in the form of voice- video- or gaming-sessions, and document collaboration in real time. In such architectures, browsers become the source and sink of both media packets that flow directly from a browser to another while web servers are only involved during the "setup" phase of the communication.


NWeSP 2012

The conference will bring together the world's most respected authorities on semantic web, Web based services, Web applications, Web enhanced business information systems, e-education specialists, Information security, and other Web related technologies. The aim of NWeSP'12 is to serve as a forum to present current and future work as well as to exchange research ideas in this field.

As a member of the Programme Committee
I want invite you to consider to submit your studies and research here: CFP

IEEE Com Magazine: Design & Implementations Series VIII

Welcome to the eighth installment of the Design and Implementation (D&I) Series. The goal of the D&I Series is to facilitate knowledge transfer between industry-oriented engineers and scientists...
This installment’s two articles cover three of the most active areas in telecommunications today: cloud computing, IP multimedia subsystem (IMS), and wireless sensor networks (WSNs). more

Il Futuro del Web

“Il Web non é morto sta semplicemente crescendo e cambiando, insieme al suo protocollo HTTP che sta diventando il mezzo di accesso a tutte le applicazioni presenti nel Cloud” more

IEEE Com Magazine: Design & Implementations Series VII

Welcome to the seventh installment of the Design and Implementation (D&I) Series:  building next-gen applications enabled by broadband wireless.

The goal of the D&I Series is to facilitate knowledge transfer between industry-oriented engineers and scientists. To differentiate from other peer-reviewed, academically rigorous articles on communications technologies, the focus of D&I articles is primarily on the Lessons Learned information gained while designing, implementing, and deploying new communications products, services, and solutions. more